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Every application has to consider how its data is stored, manipulated, and accessed. Fortunately for Java developers Sun provides commonly employed data structures as part of the Java platform in the Java Collections Framework (JCF). A framework is a set of well-defined interfaces that, if used properly, can benefit productivity tremendously, increase reusability, reduce software costs, and improve quality. The JCF acts as a supporting structure for data manipulation. Well-thought-out choices in this arena make the difference between superior-performing software modules that are easy to build and maintain and those that have performance problems and are difficult to build and modify. Interfaces and abstract classes are at the heart of the JCF. These describe the data structures and the operations supported by the data structure. A good understanding of the JCF can m... (more)

Self-Contained Cilent Applets Using Swing

Most Web-based applications today confine users to the frame of their browser, restricting them to viewing only one Web page at a time. Technologies such as JavaScript make additional browser windows possible, but this approach doesn't enable the kind of customized menus, toolbars and windowing features available in a traditional client/server application. Java Swing provides additional capabilities such as the ability to create windows outside the browser that have the look and feel of a traditional client application. The techniques described in this article can be used to migr... (more)

Real-Time Applications with Java and CORBA

Common Object Request Broker Architecture and Java are among the newest emerging technologies revolving around IP and Internet applications. The CORBA specification defines an industry-wide standard infrastructure that simplifies the integration of software systems using object-oriented techniques. CORBA separates architecture and implementation from interface specification, allowing clients and servers to be implemented in any language, on any platform. Java is an excellent, network-savvy, object-oriented language that's well suited for implementing CORBA components. Java's obj... (more)